Saturday, July 16, 2016

Number One CAD CAM Clinic-Lebanon-Dubai-Jeddah

Number One CAD CAM Clinic-Lebanon-Dubai-Jeddah and All over the world 

White  fillings 

The enhanced cosmetics are the main benefit of white fillings, they can look just like natural teeth. Many people are also concerned about the potential risks of mercury containing silver fillings.White Fillings can be used to replace decay, just like silver fillings or replace old silver fillings for cosmetic reasons.
CAD CAM Technology

Ceramic White Fillings 
 At Our Ferrari Dental Clinics and Labs we have the experience and expertise to bring together the various advanced dental disciplines required create white fillings that not only look great but they function correctly, are healthy and will last for many years to come By The number one cosmetic dentist in the Middle East Dr.Habib Zarifeh head of Clemenceau Medical Center dental division affiliated with Johns Hopkins International.

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